What Do You Think Matters Most? ROI or Cashflow?

Return on Investment (ROI), what we normally heard from people, seems simple to say but so complex in interpretation. But simply, it is how fast your investment money comes back to you, while still holding on to the investment. On the other hand, there’s a concept called “cashflow” which matters most for some. Let’s explain.  Continue reading

Is It True That Real Estate Investing Is Always About Location?

Sorry, but as I do our real estate ventures, I came to realize, it is not always true. This is a true to life example. Let’s compare a Makati condo property against Sta. Mesa Manila condo property. In the Philippines, Makati is always favored as “best location”.  Continue reading

Ayala Land Bought The FTI Property: What Is It For Me?

I just heard the news about FTI property was sold to Ayala land Inc. And Ayala, given their reputation, will surely build it similar to that of Makati or The Fort. Now my question is, does it really matter to me? Continue reading

Filtering Good Investments & Gross Rental Yield

What is Gross Rental Yield?

The Gross Rental Yield is the ratio of Gross Rent to Property Acquisition Price. Let’s say, you rent out your condo on a monthly basis, say Php 33,000.00 or . You acquire the condo property at Php 2,500,000.00. The the Gross Rental Yield is equal 15.84%.  Continue reading

The Key To Right Condo Purchase

As we go through with our condo operations endeavor, we noticed that different condos are being managed differently and some are effective while others are not. Considering prices are almost all the same square meter per location, it is prudent that you choose a developer that has a track record of good building management. Continue reading

Among Real Estate Investments, Why Condos?

Why Invest In Condos?

First and foremost, there’s a lot of debate regarding what property to purchase. A house & lot or a condo property. If you will live on it, yes it may be debatable. But If it is for investment, I am biased with condo properties. The question is why?  Continue reading